Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness

Circle the number under the column which reflects your attitude.

  • 5 = Always
  • 4 = Usually
  • 3 = Sometimes
  • 2 = Seldom
  • 1 = Never
Rating (Circle One)
1 I have enough money each month to pay my rent/mortgage and other household expenses.
2 I have a written plan (budget) for spending and/or saving money.
3 I have a system for keeping track of my expenses.
4 I keep organized financial records and can find important documents easily.
5 I save regularly for long-term financial goals, such as education for my children, a house, or retirement.
6 I increase my savings when I receive a salary increase or get a bonus.
7 I have money set aside to cover at least a few months of living expenses if I lose my job or become ill.
8 I have written financial goals with a date and a specified amount (e.g. VND 40 million for a motorbike in June 2015)
9 I save at least 10% of my gross income each month.
10 I comparison shop for major purchases by checking at least three sources.
11 I avoid impulse purchases and don't use shopping as a form of recreation.
12 I have adequate insurance to cover big unexpected expenses, such as a hospital bill,disability or major household expenditure.
13 I have money spread across more than one type of investment (e.g. time deposits, stocks, real estate, USD, etc)
14 When it comes to investing, I understand how to diversify my money.
15 I make debt repayments (e.g. personal loans, housing loans, credit cards) on time


  1. This tool only provides estimated results based on inputs provided by you.
  2. Please consult VinaWealth’s financial management experts for more accurate evaluation (applied interest, expected profits, etc.) of your savings or investment products.


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