Time Horizon, Investment Risk Tolerance Assessment & Allocation Recommendations

Asset Allocator

Complete the questionnaire: Answer the question on the following pages and use your score to identify an Investor Profile that’s closest to your own.

Time Horizon

When will you begin withdrawing your money from your account, and at what rate? If that date is many years away, you may be comfortable with a portfolio that carries a greater potential for appreciation and higher level of risk. There's more time to weather the inevitable ups and downs of the market.

1. I plan to begin withdrawing money from my investment in

Once I begin withdrawing funds from my investments, I plan to spend all of the funds in:

Risk Tolerance

How do you feel about risk? Some investments fluctuate more dramatically in value than others but may have the potential for higher returns. It's important that you select investments that fit within your level of tolerance for this risk.

3. I would describe my knowledge of investments as:

4. When I invest my money, I am:

5. Select the investments you currently own or have owned in the past with the highest number of points

6. Consider this scenario:
Imagine that in the past three months, the overall stock market lost 25% of its value. An individual stock investment you own also lost 25% of its value. What would you do?

7. Review the chart below.
Which range of best and worst-case hypothetical annual returns is most acceptable to you?

Average Annual Return
A 7.20% 16.30% -5.60%
B 9.00% 25.00% -12.10%
C 10.40% 33.60% -18.20%
D 11.70% 42.80% -24.00%
E 12.50% 50.00% -28.20%


  1. This tool only provides estimated results based on inputs provided by you.
  2. Please consult VinaWealth’s financial management experts for more accurate evaluation (applied interest, expected profits, etc.) of your savings or investment products.


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